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Why should you become part of Cassowary Coast Life?

Because Great Things happen when people work together!

Are you starting to plan how your business is going to capitalise on the greatest event we have had for many years?  Obviously I am talking about the White Water Rafting World Championships in 2019.  If we don't start now we will miss out!

  • This concept of collaborative, collective and inclusive marketing is unique and revolutionary for our Region.
  • Real support at grass root level from locals who understand our special part of the world and care about its future.
  • Make your advertising budget go further, be more effective to ensure maximum impact and get measurable results.
  • Work with Industry professionals who are in touch with the latest technology and the new demands of marketing in our technological age.
  • Working together to showcase the substantial value The Cassowary Coast has to offer will make us stronger as a region. 
  • Help turn Babinda to Cardwell into the profitable, sustainable area it should be and reap the reward of more jobs and a future for our children.



We are passionate about the Cassowary Coast Region and what it has to offer.
Our mission is to work one-on-one with all small business owners to boost their bottom line and create a sustainable community.
We employ the most up-to-date technology and marketing practices to provide an effective and cost efficient way to link all your marketing into a cohesive package ensuring you get the very best from your budget.
Involving the entire community will provide the opportunity to really put our area on the map!


We look forward to showing you how affordable it is and how it relates to your business specifically.