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why was Cassowary Coast Life formed?  

This concept was born out of frustration that so many of the smaller operators in this amazing part of the world are  not getting their fair share of exposure outside our Region.  Many businesses are struggling to survive when they shouldn't be.  I also perceived the need for time-poor or technology-poor businesses to improve their current efforts.

Whilst each business is using their marketing budgets locally only we will continue to have the issue of so many travellers driving directly from Townsville to Cairns, never stopping as they have no idea what is on offer.

By combining those budgets, or even just taking a small portion and pooling the resources we would be able to do things as a group that are impossible alone.  Just one example is billboards on the highway, another is capturing travellers before they even leave home.  

The other frustration was the cost to join and be part of the recognised organisations and what they offer.  I believe they are doing a fantastic job within their areas of expertise, but have not embraced the 'little guy's' need to generate traffic, nor is the latest digital technology being fully utilised.

We have six key bodies that are tasked with promoting our Region. These are:

All of these organisations are focused on the big picture.   But not one of these bodies are geared to help  small business at grass-roots level.  Nor is that their function, so the service we offer is complimentary to their efforts.



Communicating to visitors to our Region

Marketing Expertise made affordable.

How often have you said, “I would love to INCREASE MY TURNOVER” or “If only I was more computer savvy or had more time so I could plan my marketing and use Social Media better”?

Now you can stop talking about it and do it. We can help you with expert planning and the best resources to capture extra Tourists and Locals alike for your business.  We provide an affordable and effective strategy that will make your business grow as well as helping our whole Region and Community!

Benefits to the Community

  • Build up and strengthen community spirit
  • Boost the economical development for the entire region
  • Have more people staying longer in the region
  • Capture the business of people who would usually just drive past
  • Get more exposure of local business on line
  • Have a wider  reach for new customers
  • Utilise the modern technology that already exists for free to generate higher turnover
  • Create more jobs for locals
  • Put more money back in the community

BENEFITS for Your Business

  • Making your advertising budget go further and be more effective to ensure maximum impact
  • Working with Industry professionals who are in touch with the latest technology and the new demands of marketing in our technological age.
  • Real support from locals who understand our unique part of the world and care about its future.
  • Networking with other businesses through the region with the same goals, forming a synergetic approach, builds on each other’s success.  This combined effort will result in a greater result than the sum of our individual efforts.
  • We provide a level playing field for all businesses
  • Statistics so you can monitor  your budget
  • Direct marketing to Visitors in the countries we know make up our tourism mix


So who are we and why should you care?


  • We are Industry Experts with more than 40 years of marketing experience and running our own small businesses.
  • I have been building Websites since 2005
  • I was trained by two of the world’s largest advertising agencies
  • I have my finger on the pulse of the new Technology and know how to get the very best out of it.


  • I am absolutely passionate about our Region and want to make our Region 'top of mind' when travellers make their plans to visit Far North Queensland.