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The Changing Face of Travel

When it comes to the hospitality industry, guests show a widespread desire for travel to be experiential and transformative. And a  traveller seeking a transformative experience probably won’t want to have the same stay twice, meaning that their travel will often include variety – and lots of it.
This is especially applicable to millennial travellers, who embrace the ‘bleisure’ lifestyle, mixing ‘business’ and ‘leisure’. They often make use of free time on their business trips to explore the cultural or gastronomical offerings of a place, like a leisure traveller would. The bleisure traveller wants the best of both worlds: convenience during their hotel stay for their business trip, and diverse experiences in their time outside of work hours while travelling.
Put it all together and you get a changing trend in travellers’ hotel booking habits, a trend that makes repeat guests – let alone loyal ones – a rare breed.
You can’t really blame the 21st century, modern traveller. Going to the same hotel in the same city feels like the same experience, with the same results. Even if those results were great the first time, it’s been done before. So, how can you ever expect to win over repeat guests?  You can’t expect to turn all guests into repeat customers, but what you can aim for is a positive online review.
“77.9% of consumers think other travellers’ online reviews are extremely or very important for deciding where to stay.”
As travellers show less loyalty to brands in the traditional sense, and a tendency towards experiential travel, you’re sure to have fewer repeat guests. But the way to foster a sense of loyalty in today’s hospitality field is not about convincing guests to return time and time again, but to offer such a memorable experience that they can’t stop talking about it. Opinions shared with friends and family, work colleagues, and, best of all, the online community are the most trusted source of information today.
Excerpt from "Loyalty in the digital age - The essential guidebook to prepare your hotel for the demands of the 21st century traveller" by Wanup

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